Tacobell Customer Complaint Numbers {Latest Updated Details}

Tacobell Customer Complaint Numbers: Before moving to the contact details and number of complaints claimed by billions of people, let us learn a few lines about the Taco Bell. It is an American Mexican Fast-food chain located worldwide. Today if you see they are coming up with multiple food items, seasoned dishes and many more attracting number of people in seconds.

The Taco Bell day by day and step by step they began to introduce a number of different food items, including quality, standards, costs and many other factors. People love to eat at the Tacobell stores due to the yummy taste of each and every dish satisfying their hunger excellently.

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Various Mexican food items like burritos, nachos, quesadillas, the yum yum tacos, triple-double crunchy wrap box meal, mountain dew Baja blast and many more were going to available right there. And among various 82% were completely owned by various independent franchisees in obtaining licenses. Now noting down all these details, let us concentrate on complaint numbers mentioned right here.

A Few Lines About the Taco Bell & It’s Survey

Taco Bell, one of the famous fast-food chain restaurants initially began in California, the United States of America. They came up with an idea of introducing a hot dog stand right at the Downway, CA around ’50s and in the year 1962, thought of coming up with Taco Tia and later turned up into the Taco Bell without stepping back.


Also, they created a non-profit organization called the Taco Bell Foundation believing the slogan called Live Mas Scholarship. In a short time, they became very famous and never ever compromised on providing quality in their food. The information related to the Taco Bell however available in any social profile. So, therefore, you can go through them.

They also started a customer feedback survey at the Tellthebell website. All the customers can submit their feedback about taco bell stores at the Tellthebell survey website. Based on the customer’s feedback, taco bell stores are going to improve themself.

Tacobell Customer Complaint Numbers

Taco Bell as we all know one of the famous Mexican fast-food chain restaurants located worldwide. They are serving billions of customers with all their tasty dishes. Taco Bell is all however based on Irvine, CA. including revenues claimed in the USA in the year 2009.

Whenever you face a problem, requested to make a call to the number subjected to 1-800-822-6235 respectively. Or you can also fill the Taco Bell’s contact form to explain your issue with their representative. If in case you are thinking to have contact directly with the Brian Niccol, the CEO, here is the address.

  • One Glen Bell Way
    CA 92618
    Irvine Corporate Office Contact Number: 949-863-4500.


  • Yum Corporate offices
    7100 Corporate Drive
    Tx 75024
    Corporate Contact Number: 972-338-8100.


  • Taco Bell Corporation
    1 Glen Bell Way
    United States – 92618
    Contact Number: +1 949 863 4000

Social Profiles

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tacobell
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/tacobell
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tacobell/
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/tacobell

Tacobell Customer Complaint Box and Reviews

The following are the complaints encountered or the reviews mentioned by a lot of customers. Let’s go through one by one right now.

Taco Bell – Incorrect Order: I placed an order to have 2 steak chalupa supremes. But I got 2 regular beef chalupas with sour cream. When I asked about it, he apologized and bought the right one. However, I enjoyed the taste of it. 

Taco Bell Customer Service: I have ordered yum tacos with mountain dew Baja blast. Within a minute I got it and well satisfied with its service.

Taco Bell tacos: I am 23 years old and pregnant too. I am having the carving of tacos available at the Taco Bell at midnight. My husband goes to the local store and bought for me. I am well satisfied with its taste in satisfying my hunger and carvings excellently. 

To avoid the above complaints or reviews, one must provide the feedback form. This is where every person has to share their experiences so that both the company can learn their mistakes and correct them right as well as the person who is providing feedback form through participating in the tellthebell survey, has a chance to win $500 worth prices respectively.

So, therefore, you are requested to participate and share your valuable feedback to have zero complaints about the Taco Bell in the future itself.

Hopefully, the details provided here are very much understandable. If you have any doubts regarding Taco Bell customer complaint numbers or any, just simply mention a single comment. We are going to approach you and clear out very well. Also, if you like to learn more details, you can ask us so that we update it as soon we notice it. Thank you. Like the article, try to share these in any social profiles to help somebody with their contact details. Stay connected with tellthebell for learning more interesting things updated right here.

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