Tellthebell Survey Guide – Taco Bell Survey and Feedback {With Screenshots}

Tellthebell Survey is usually considered as a customer satisfaction survey where every person leaves their opinion about the delicious food items and other details with utmost honesty. This is actually introduced by the Taco bell for learning the customer’s valuable feedback.

However, learning so going to be benefited in two ways.  The company’s point of view, going to improve their duties more and more by looking into the customer’s requirements or needs. While thinking as a part of the customer, whoever participates in the survey going to win a lot of exciting prizes costs $500.

tellthebell survey guide

To initiate the survey, the only essential thing we need is coming up with the 16-digit code located in the receipt. It is valid only if you have taken from the latest receipt collected at the nearest store. However, we are going to learn the survey process right here in an understandable language.

Tellthebell Survey Guide

Tellthebell is a customer feedback survey introduced by the Taco bell to learn the customer’s opinion/ suggestions or any for enhancing high customer satisfaction levels. Learning feedback greatly helps to improve their services being a competitive store worldwide.

Tell the bell 2020

However, before moving and beginning the survey, there are some important points to be taken into consideration. Let us go through one by one mentioned right below.

  • Whoever likely to participate in the survey must be at least 18 years old.
  • Tellthebell, however, going to conduct 50 entry periods on the survey. So, therefore, you have to come with the latest code taken from the receipt carried down at the recent visit.

Tellthebell Survey Requirments

Other important details to be gathered out are however mentioned right below. Go through and then successfully start your survey.

  • One more essential requirement to be considered as a 16-digit survey code available on the latest receipt taken from the recent visit.
  • If you fail to have the 16-digit code, needed the details like store number, date and time printed on the receipt.

Therefore, start the survey and win the most exciting prizes successfully on completing it without facing any kind of trouble.

Step by Step Process To Participate Tellthebell Survey at

Whoever still does not aware of the process, here is the good news!!! We have come with the step by step process which makes you learn in a clear and better way. However, in short, you can verify the below image. This is where helps to get a basic idea about it.

taco bell tell the bell survey

Are, are you excited? I am excited to learn. Let’s go!!!!

  • Take the survey code from the receipt taken at the recent visit.
  • Enter the same at the place provided on the screen just as shown below.

tell the bell

  • If in case you failed to locate a 16-digit survey code, tap on the option called click here.

tell the bell survey code

  • Once after the successful tap, you will find the new page where must and should enter the details like store number, date and time printed on the receipt taken at the last visit.
  • After entering all the details, you are requested to fill up the answers for all the questions one by one appearing on the screen.

Tellthebell Survey Question No#1

Please Rate Your Overall Satisfaction with your Experience at this Taco Bell.

Tellthebell Customer Survey

[The options for this question however you can notice the right side of the question. Choose any one and then click on next]. For having a better idea, just have a look at the above image!!!

Tellthebell Survey Question No#2

Select your order type.

[You are going to have options like Dine-in, Dine-thru, carry-out. Select your answer and then click on next].

Tellthebell Survey Question No#3

Please Rate your satisfaction with…

Tellthebell Survey

[Just below you are going to have options as shown in the above image. Choose one option weather you are highly satisfied, satisfied, neither satisfied or dissatisfied, dissatisfied, highly dissatisfied] Once you select, click on next.

Tellthebell Survey Question No#4

Did You Experience A Problem During Your Visit?

Tellthebell Customer Feedback

[You are requested to select either yes or no.] Click on Next.

Tellthebell Survey Question No#5

Earlier in the survey, you said you were highly satisfied with your experience at the Taco Bell. Please tell us why. (Optional)

[This is however optional. But if you like to fill, you need to give a perfect reason why exactly you are highly satisfied with the Taco bell. Once you enter as a paragraph in the given box, you are requested to click on the next].

Tellthebell Survey Question No#6

Did you purchase a hard shell taco(e.g., beef, Doritos, tacos)?

Taco Bell Customer Survey

[Choose any of the options between yes or no]. Once after selecting so, click on next.

Tellthebell Survey Question No#7

Thank you for your feedback. Now if you are a legal resident of the United States and are 18 years of age or older, you may enter our sweepstakes. Would you like to enter your sweepstakes?

Tellthebell Feedback form

[This is also a yes or no question. And here you are requested to select either yes or no]. After the successful tap, click on next.

Enter the Details at the Tellthebell Customer Survey feedback Form

Please fill out your contact information below. This information will not be used for any other purpose. survey

[Enter the details like first name, last name and phone number] After the successful entry, click on next.

Tellthebell survey customers

All this means you have successfully entered the sweepstakes entry offered by the Taco Bell. Now let us all undergo the official withdrawal to win the cash prize $500 respectively.

This is how the process is carried out. For any doubt, you can mention in terms of comments right below. Also, if you are likely to learn more information, we keep updating you. Thank you. Keep connected with the tell the bell for learning more interesting details updated right here.

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